Ecole Gabriel Academie De Salagnac (EGAS)

Ecole Gabriel Academie De Salagnac (EGAS) serves more than 300 children ages 3 to 14 and their families in Mont Salagnac, Haiti. Mont Salagnac is a beautiful, mountainous, but isolated region in the Nippes region of Haiti, where electricity, clean water, health services and other resources are scarce.

Founded in 2011, the school fulfills a desperate need in the community for education, nutrition, minimal emergency health services and jobs. The school’s staff consists of 13 teachers, four cooks, three administrative staff, two teacher assistants, and one janitor all whom are from the community. Parents volunteer in numerous capacities, and they and children are very proud of the school.

Our hope is that through the school we are not only empowering and educating future teachers, doctors, lawyers, farmers and more, but that we are also creating a sustainable anchor in the community that provides economic opportunity and supportive services.

Parent Services

We use the school in the evening hours to provide training for our parents. Our hope is that through these services, parents gain the skills and knowledge they need to support our students at home. Class offerings include the following:

  • Mathematics 
  • Writing
  • Reading        
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Art
  • Soil conservation and composting